Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons and Professional Instruction

The Chimneys Golf Course offers professional golf lessons for all skill levels.  For information on pricing for individual lessons, group sessions, or corporate clinics, please complete the Golf Lessons Inquiry form at the bottom of this page.  Interested in participating in one of our hosted golf clinics?  Check out our events calendar for upcoming dates. We look forward to lowering your scores!

First time golfer?  Let us help!

We know how intimidating golf seems to a first-time golfer.  We can help! We’ll provide complimentary clubs for you to use during your lesson so you can discover your love for golf before making an investment in equipment.  Once you’re ready to purchase, we can assist with selecting equipment appropriate for you at competitive prices.  To prepare for your first lesson, we recommend purchasing a glove from the golf shop (left hand glove for a right-handed player; right hand glove for a left-handed player).  Wear comfortable athletic apparel and shoes such as tennis or running shoes.  Last but not least, bring your open mind and enthusiastic energy!   We can’t wait to introduce you to your new favorite sport!  

Junior Golf Lessons

Everyone loves the idea of turning their junior into their next life-long “golf buddy.”  Trust us, we’re right there with you.  However, let us help you introduce golf to your junior in the right way.  Whether you purchase lessons from one of our professionals or choose to introduce golf to your junior elsewhere, follow our advice with these recommendations:

  1. Find an instructor with whom you and your junior can relate.  Golf lessons involve a partnership between student and instructor.  Your junior is more likely to trust and accept the instruction received if they believe you trust and accept the instructor as well.
  2. Group instruction enhances the experience for beginners.  Either with one or more friends or parent-junior lessons, a group atmosphere reduces pressure and intimidation for your junior.  Learning golf with your junior is also a great way to promote family time and general physical fitness.
  3. Don’t be a helicopter parent.  That’s right, we said it.  Your junior’s number one goal is often to impress YOU.  To eliminate such pressure, we recommend that you watch quietly from a distance or relax on our clubhouse patio during the lesson.  We’ll gladly update you on your junior’s progress and relay recommended homework to you when the lesson is over.  
  4. Keep golf fun.  Golf is a game for life.  Early introduction can lead to a lifetime of fun on the course for the entire family.  No matter how you work with your junior, always aim to promote a fun environment.  Even if they only want to chase crickets or play in a bunker on their first visit, introduce golf in a positive way for junior golf longevity.


Greenside bunkers at hole #11.
Junior golfers participating in PGA Jr League.

PGA Jr League is at the Chimneys!

Sign your junior up for PGA Jr League at the Chimneys!  Juniors learn to love golf with this fun, team format.  Leagues are only available during certain times of the year so if you’ve missed registration, check back for the next program opportunity.  For questions, visit the golf shop or click here.  Also, check out our 2023 Season Video!

The Chimneys Summer 2023 PGA Jr League team.

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